Album Available: LARGER THAN LIFE, available at CD Baby and on iTunes.

Who is Lesli Wood?

Lesli Wood is a singer-songwriter-performer who writes and performs with such variety that it is hard to know what you will be hearing when she takes the stage. Clear and powerful vocals punctuate original lyrics from songs born of personal experience and worldwide travels. Her on-stage humor and general rapport with the audience make every show more of a personal visit than just a concert. Whether she is singing about her Aunt Reener's decision to "give it all to Jesus" or her dog's serious flea problem, Lesli's style leaves listeners always finding something that connects directly to their own lives.

Lesli Wood was born in the hills of Arkansas. She has been performing, writing and singing music nearly all her life. Her first band, Oilfield Grass, played festivals and bars around Colorado and Houston, but went various directions in 1995 with a serious industry reorg. Her solo career began in Houston shortly after that, then followed her to Austin in 1997, where she released of her first album titled Child of the Water. Her second album, Larger Than Life brings together a who's who of Austin musicians including Cindy Cashdollar, Richard Bowden, Chris Gage and Christine Albert as well as others. The songs on this new album range from funny songs about the advantages of being "big boned" when racing downhill (Big Bad Betty) to the message that home is where your love is (Here in Your Arms). Lesli has played music festivals in Utah, Houston, Austin, Dripping Springs, is a regular at the Spicewood Arts Festival and has even graced a few bars in the Caribbean and South America . When she is not "channeling" Elvis Presley, she spends time hitting rocks of the real kind as a Doctor of Geology ( After 17 years of music and mayhem in Austin, Lesli will be relocating to Denver, Colorado in 2015. However, she will continue to enjoy playing music in Austin and all over with her excellent trio of musicians, John Dunn, Tal Wiggins and Bobby Dabb. Life is too short to be bored.

The Spice Boys

John Warner Dunn is the rock solid bass player, guitar aficionado, official tuner and “what key do we play this in” encyclopedia of Lesli Wood and the Spiceboys. He is literally a music whore. He will play music anytime, anywhere.

He is way beyond an expert, and has passed the youthful indiscretions of "having a real job." He is back to playing music full time. Voted the Top 10 List for Folk Musicians in 2011 by the Austin Chronicle he can be found playing with the Happy Horse Band, duos with anyone who wants a spectacular bassist, Jazz Brunch in Bastrop, Texas, most Sundays or luckily with LWSB any time we can grab him.

Bobby Dabbs is an extraordinarily talented homegrown Texas guitarist and mandolin player who has lived in Austin since 1968. Bobby will admit that he cut his teeth on old Texas ballads and stories as a kid growing up in South Texas. Boddy enables LWSB to play such a variety of music and we are the better for it. A few years ago, when I wanted to branch out into Stevie Ray Vaughan blues and 70's CCR style tunes, I needed a lead guitarist that could still pick up the mandolin and play folk straight up. John Dunn said "I got just the guy, just depends on if he is available. He is pretty good, but that means he is pretty busy." Luckily Bobby came on board.

Bobbie is currently the lead guitar and mandolin player for acoustic trio Double R Nothin' & lead guitar player for country band 3 Chord Rodeo. He can be found playing music any time of the day or night, working around his day job, and with the full support of Lee, his wife (not many musicians can say that!).

Tal Wiggins is the Ice Man, a reference not only to his successful HVAC business, but also his cool, solid ways on the drum kit, and any variety of other things you can thump on. Once again, John Dunn's Little Black Book of Great Musicians came through years ago, when another drummer playing with us had his "kitchen pass" pulled by his wife (reference comment above!) Tal can play anything from Jaz to Gospel and, from my mouth to God's Ear, keep the whole bunch on track.